The 2009 Boston University Scandals Reveals

Topics: Boston, Man, Agganis Arena Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: December 10, 2012
BOSTON-MA, The 2009 Boston University scandal reveals itself earlier this week. The report contains players who drank a lot and had sex in the penalty box at Agganis Arena. From the reports given, it is clear that the BU hockey team feel like they are superior to the rules presented by their institution. Sara Al Hashemi, a 20-year-old junior at American University gives her input in regards to this situation. Al Hashemi was asked if college athletes get special treatment and she agreed that they most certainly do. “It happens a lot here at American University. The school pushes an athlete through school with less academic efforts in his part in order to ensure that he is still qualified and meets the requirements of the athletic board”. The same question was asked to Lama Ghannam, a 19-yearold junior at the University of Massachusetts and she also agreed with Al Hashemi.

However, the real question here is does this special treatment extend to sex? Deema Al-Hasan a 20 year-old junior at Northeastern University agrees that male athletes do feel entitled to sex.” They think they’re cool by doing that” she thinks that makes them seem very pathetic rather than cool. Ghannam says, “ I once heard the guys talking about it. One guy said it makes me feel like more of a man”. She finds this very sad because things like this shouldn’t determine how much of a man you are.

“Women are to blame more than men,” says Al Hashemi. She believes that women should be more responsible unless they are assaulted out of nowhere. She also believes that men have more sexual needs so when a guy approaches a girl she can hold back. Ghannam says” Some women put themselves out there willingly but they should know better”.

The majority of women agree that there is a problem out there. Whether it is regarding sexual behavior or benefits in the classroom. There is special treatment for athletes that allow extensions to assignments, papers or simply missing class and getting away with...
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