Topics: Termination of employment, Employment, Idea Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Group Case Study (B): Restaurant downsizing
Sally Smith is a manager at the Butcher Block Restaurant. Due to her extensive background in the restaurant business, she has great influence on the executive management and often makes significant recommendations for changes that are supported. The restaurant was closed two months ago after a news release issued by the regional Health Department claimed that at least twenty people had become ill apparently with the listeriosis infection after eating at the Butcher Block the month before. Listeriosis has been isolated in the feces of healthy humans, sheep, cattle and poultry, and the spread of this disease has been linked to the consumption of contaminated food production. Five of the sickened people had to be hospitalized. Although a thorough restaurant health inspection failed to prove the restaurant was responsible, the negative press intensified low attendance problems. This downturn in the business has made it necessary to prepare for a reduction in the workforce. The terminations will be permanent and there are no termination benefits. Executive management has identified five employees as the first ones to be considered for termination. All five employees are at the same organizational level, but from different areas of the establishment. Bridgett is a server; Marc is a bartender; Neil is a cook; Jennifer is an expediter; and Stephen is a baker. One must be terminated and the rest ranked for future termination. Sally has a friendly working relationship with all of these employees and regrets having to let any of them go. If you were Sally, determine who will be the first to go and rank order the remaining employees. Assume there are no union contracts, company policies, legal requirements or traditional business practices that constrain your decision making. Base your decision about an employee’s position on the termination list purely on your own judgment of fairness to the employees and benefit for the Butcher...
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