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Texting While Driving

By Puma321 Apr 30, 2014 608 Words
Texting and Driving Outline
Topic: Texting while operating a motorized vehicle
Purpose: The purpose of this essay to to show the dangers to you and others on the road while texting while driving. Audience: Teen Drivers
Any liscensed driver
Thesis: Unless the benefits of cell phones outweigh the risk of texting while driving, we should restrict the use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. Preview: Texting and driving should be restricted because it is distracting, it slows down your reaction time, and it can cause death. Background: On an average evening in 2012, my friend was driving home from work. It was a Saturday night, so of course she wanted to know what all of her friends were doing and what their plans were for the night. Carelessly she was looking down at the phone reading a text, just about to text back when, boom, all of a sudden the was in the middle of an intersection collided with another car. My friend had ran right through a red light because she was too busy looking at her phone than to look at the traffic signal.

B) Dangers of texting and driving
a. It can risk your own life.
b. It can risk another persons life.
c. The person is not fully paying attention to driving.
d. It is distracting.
C) Reasons for texting and driving
a. obsession with cell phone
D) Ways to prevent texting and driving
a. planning directions ahead of time
b.turning off phone
E) Counter Argument
Some people do not think that cell phones should be restricted from being used while operating a vehicle because they do not feel that it is a distraction. F)Conclusion

Primary Questions:
1) What are the most serious offenders for texting and driving? America's youngest and most inexperienced drivers are most at risk. 16% of all distracted driving crashes involve drivers under the age of 20. (Official US Government Website for Distracted Driving)

2)What is distracted driving?
Distraction occurs any time that you take your eyes off of the road. Any non-driving activity that you engage in is a potential distraction, and can increase your risk of crashing. (Official US Government Website for Distracted Driving)

3.What is the percent of teen drivers that lost their lives texting and driving? For teens between the ages of 16-20 involved in fatal car accidents, 21% of these accidents were caused by texting while driving. (Official US Government Website for Distracted Driving)

Secondary Questions:
1) Why do people text and drive?
Interview: "I used to text and drive because I thought that I was a good enough driver to concentrate on two things at once. I never thought that I would get hurt by just simply taking my eyes off of the road for a few seconds." (M.Humphries) 2)Are there any companies taking a stand against texting and driving? AT&T came out with a campaign against texting and driving called "It can Wait". They are not only making Ad campaigns, they have also created an interactive exhibit that travels around high schools in the US. This exhibit shows of the distractions and the things that can easily happen while texting and driving. (Don't Text and Drive Blog)

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Humphries, M. Personal Interview. 25 03 2014, AT&T Texting Campaign, Make it stop: Companies Fight Texting and Driving, April15, 2013

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