Textbooks Vs Tablets in schools

Topics: High school, Personal computer, Laptop Pages: 4 (1298 words) Published: December 6, 2013

Textbooks VS Tablets
Teachers are always assigning homework in the textbook and of course every student complains. Not only because they have homework, but because they have to lug home multiple textbooks. Many school districts have been trying to find a way to solve this complaint. What school board officials have come up with is replacing the textbooks with notebook computers or tablets. It is the 21st century, there is technology booming everywhere. However, converting the notebook computers might not be the greatest decision. School districts believe that switching out textbooks with notebook computers will have many benefits to it. As many know, students have complained about their back hurting from carrying multiple textbooks in their backpack. By switching to tablets, the students will not have to worry about lugging home all of their textbooks. Notebook computers can store up to 64 gigabytes of memory. This could possibly hold all of their textbooks throughout high school plus a few other apps the students may need or want to download. Many also believe that having tablets will have a positive decrease on the expenses towards school textbooks. Clearly they will not need to fund for each student to have his/her own book anymore. Aggravated by the constant “textbook shortages and book-ordering delays,” the Forney Independent School District of Texas realized that switching to tablets would be a great solution (Hurst). Schools can increase in population by 15 to 20 percent just over summer (Hurst). With the constant uprising of students, the school districts will continuously need to buy textbooks so that no student is without one. Yes the district will need to provide tablets, but they will not have to issue them out every year. The tablet can last them all throughout middle school and/or high school. As exchanging textbooks out for tablets can eliminate a few problems, some downfalls may still arise. Once the schools convert to the tablets, they will...

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