Terpene Phenol Resin

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These resins are Thermoplastic Polymers manufactured by copolymerization of cyclic terpene hydrocarbon (like Pinene, Carene etc.) and phenol. There are various grades of this resin with softening points ranging from 70 - 110C. These resins are compatible with Natural and Synthetic Rubbers, Rosin, Alkyd resins, and most of the plasticizers and waxes. Applications are in the manufacture of tubes, tyres, gaskets, cables, pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives, surgical tapes, ply wood putty, PVC adhesives etc. and also in Printing Inks. Preparation of terpene phenolic resin by copolymerization. Ingredients used for preparation of terpene phenolic resin. 1Turpentine oil

4BF-3 Acetate
5Soda Ash
Sr noRaw materialIn kg
1Turpentine oil (pinene )1455
2Phenol (100%)430
4BF-3 acetate50
5Soda ash2
Water for washing2000 kg

Terpene Phenolic Resin (Polymerization Reaction).

Turpentine Oil/+Phenol+ BF3 Catalyst+Toluene
Pinene(on 100% basis)
1455+430 + 900

→ Terpene Phenolic Resin+Toluene +Losses (e.g.
1800+860→ +Toluene-40
BF3-Full Qty.
Inputs 1925 + BF3

TEREPENE PHENOLIC RESIN--- yield 1800 (95.5% on Pinene + Phenol).

Procedure for processing of Terpene phenolic resin
Kettle should be thoroughly cleaned and free from all foreign bodies and gel particles of earlier batches .Also the vertical and horizontal condenser must be cleaned thoroughly. Procedure.
1-- Charge phenol and toluene in a reactor
2-- Heat to 120—125 ° C and maintain for 1-2 hr for remove complete water 3-- Cool to 50° C , add catalyst with in 30 min.
4-- Cool to room temp than stat addition of turpentine oil slowly within 5—6 hr and maintain the temp to 40—45...
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