The Polymers

Topics: Nylon, Aramid, Kevlar Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: April 20, 2013
The polymer
What is polymer? Polymer is a huge macromolecule comprise many thousands of small molecules created through Joining together chemically. Polymers are everywhere in our life. Many industries extremely rely on polymers, for example, food court, tons o'toys and dollar dungeon. Those all are stuff made out of polymers. In addition there are lots kind of polymers , such as aramid, Carbon fiber, Rayon and so on. Now, this Essay will investigate Tons o'toys-products of polymer, also, Aramid-a kind of polymer. I. Tons o'toys

In a toy store, you will see various toys. Like a toy, flying squirrel, it is made out of Polyisoprene rubber and polyurethane foam. As well as,lots of critter toys, like a cute zebra, rhino, tree frog, brachiosaureus and so on, also, they all are made out of polyisoprene. Still on the animal theme, some puppets are stuffed with polyurethane foam. Their fur on the outside is made of things like polyacrylonitrile and their scales are made of nylon. If you like to play with robots. The little robot may be made of polystyrene. Polyethylene and polysioprene may can made for their wires. Plus, epoxy resins are often made for circuit boards inside of the robbits. Some kids may like use the fence with this oh-so discreetperiscope that is made out of polyethylene to see something fun. Along with neato pinwheel, do you know what made out of it? Its vanes are made out of a composite material, most vanes are made out of a sheet of aluminum foil stuck to a sheet of polyester. Fun toys, “ land anemone”, it is made out of polyisoprene. There is good new, kids can play inside with the indoor hopscotach mat because it is made out of polyyrethane foam. Kids can use scoops and buckets that are made out of polyethyiene to play sand. In addition, there is another polymer, nylon, it is net for scoops and buckets. Next, there are some race cars that boys may like to play, this is one tires made of...

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