Topics: Pollution, Political corruption, Philippines Pages: 4 (1137 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Surell, Harold Kenneth C.


I chose this topic because now a day most of the children don’t prioritize their studies they don’t know how important the study is. And most of the children don’t go to school because of financial problem so that they don’t feel the excitement of being a student. Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of others, but may also be autodidactic. Systems of schooling involve institutionalized teaching and learning in relation to a curriculum, which itself is established according to a predetermined purpose of the schools in the system. School systems are sometimes also based on religions, giving them different curricula.

Why is Education is a form of learning?
Why is the government don’t give their full attention to the people who can’t afford to go to the school? Why some of the school had to differentiate each ones religion?

Jacks, LP (1932). Education through recreation. New York: Harper and Brothers

Surell, Harold Kenneth C.


I chose this topic because we all know that many people live here in the Philippines is experiencing this kind of problem. And as a student I want to research how to minimize or how to solve this kind of problem and what are the possible things that I can do to help our country. Poverty is the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. Poverty is general scarcity or dearth, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. Absolute poverty or destitution refers to the deprivation of basic human needs, which commonly includes food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, health care and education. Relative poverty is...
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