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I’ve never really noticed how the aggression between sexes varies in different ways whether its verbal attack or physical assault. Yet, after reading “Biology, Gender, and Human Evolution” I can’t help but agree with Richard Lee’s study of conflict and violence between the two sexes.

While reading Richard Lee’s study of the Kung women, he came to the conclusion that, “ The Kung women engage in verbal abuse, but homicides are mostly committed by men (BGHE Pg.3 Paragraph 4).” I couldn’t help, but remember my experience as a teacher assistant at Woodside Elementary. A girl student told a male student that he was ugly and as a result the boy cut three inches of hair off the girl. This was a perfect example of aggression between the two sexes. The female used verbal abuse to attack the male, while in revolt the male used his aggression in physical forms such as attacking (the cutting of hair). Yet, I had to remember that the study of Kung San was in 1979 and that wasn’t a close enough study to use as a common day statistic. But I found that statistics show “In 2000, The United States had 83% of crimes committed by men and 17% by woman. (BGHE pg.3 Paragraph 4)” I found this astonishing that it’s almost as though the common aggression between men and woman has stayed constant these years. It made me believe that these weren’t just cultured humans, but something that was biological in our genes. Especially since these two statistics were from not just the United States but also from the study of the Kung San.

Also while viewing the power points on biology, I couldn’t help but agree with the fact that the female and male body are biologically built differently. The Sexual Dimorphism reminded me of when I was wrestling for Skyview Junior High. My first year of wrestling, there wasn’t much different between the build of my body and the males. The males hadn’t quite reached puberty so their upper bodies weren’t as “V” shaped as high school students and their upper...
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