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Topics: Aristotle, Philosophy, Nature Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Leah Lloyd
World Philosophies 1330
Term Paper
I- Introduction
Intro, thesis
In this paper I will describe Plato's metaphysical dualism in the history of western philosophical and religious traditions and then compare it to the Chinese naturalistic metaphysics. Following the comparison, I will discuss the differences with a knowledge theory between a ratiocinative Hellenistic view and an intuition-based Doaist position. II- Metaphysical Dualism

Plato, a student of Socrates Johnson, rejected* Socrates aspiration of political life after his death. While Plato was interested in Socrates's Ethical worldview, he had more of an influence towards other Philosophical disciplines. The heart of Plato's philosophy steamed in the Republic and created a two world theory known as metaphysical dualism. The two world theory is separated by a divided line that distinguishes two different disciplines. Plato's two levels of reality consist of a “world of senses” known as the physical world that is constantly changing, and a “world of forms” that is unchanging known as the Realm of Forms (SITE). The Realm of Forms is invisible with Universal principles that structure the natural world. It is eternal, outside of time, transcendent, beyond this world, and temporal, exist inside of time. Each theory contains two level's of reality where one is always more real than the other. In the Realm of Forms there is a higher and lower reality. The higher level contains the world's ethical forms that were taught by Socrates, and the lower level contains the world's mathematical forms. The lower form depends on the higher form for its existence.

A parable to metaphysical dualism, “The Allegory of the Cave” written by Plato from The Republic of Plato, includes dialogue between Socrates Johnson and Interlocutors that discuses whether “nature may be enlightened or unenlightened” (Plato 300). Socrates and Interlocutors present this idea in their parable with a group of “prisoners” that have...
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