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Topics: Tourism, Mexico, Ilocos Norte Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: April 7, 2014
Karinkin River at Solsona Ilocos Norte

The Karinkin River Resort is found at Barangay Manalpac, more or less 500 meters downstream the Galong-Galong River Resort.  Like the latter, this river resort also boosts of its clear and cool water especially during summer.  It is also a favorite picnic ground for both local and foreign tourists.  The big rocks on the banks of the river serve as diving stand for swimmers who want to experience diving in the deep bluish water.  Like any typical river resort, it has cottages and facilities that could address the needs of picnic-goers but there is a need to develop and there is a need to add more facilities to cater the needs of the tourist visiting the resort. Ecotourism Resort is a place where you can experience nature’s beauty and splendour and enjoy the touch of Ilocano Hospitality and Ingenuity. A place that will never be expected to become paradise and the first colossal park ever that will established in Solsona, Ilocos Norte. The Establishment of Ecotourism Resort will be based on a policy of achieving harmony between resource protection and public use. It offers recreational activities that are closely linked to natural history and wildlife, such as bird watching, nature photography, mountain hiking and other recreations like camping and training. The Ecotourism Resort is unique in possessing wide range of eye-catching natural features, an advantage over other conventional tourism parks. The Resort emphasizes on nature and wildlife which distinguishes it from other tourist destinations in the Ilocos Province. The Ecotourism industry keeps growing here in Ilocos Norte.. It has become one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism industry, growing annually by 10-15% worldwide (Miller 2007). Worldwide ecotourism arrivals have increased in Philippines because of its natural beauty. However, this growth comes with more need of accommodation for ecotourism. To meet this need in...
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