Tennis Racket One World Essay

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Tennis Rackets One World Essay

Many people know what a tennis racket is, it is used as a extended arm for hitting the tennis ball to the other side of the court (opponents side) to score. During the old days of tennis, about 900 years ago, people have been using their hand as a tennis racket, but it is evolved to pallas then wooden rackets, but the pallas and wooden rackets are really hard to control since it only have a really small racket head size so that it will be harder to hit the sweet spot (center) to have more accuracy on the ball. But after the new/ modern tennis “Graphite racket” was invented, we can now have more control, more accuracy, more spin, more speed for the shots. (GGN. (2011). Evolution of the Tennis Racquet) Now let’s look at how it relates to the Newton’s Laws of Motion.

A tennis racket is actually related to the newton’s third law of motion - “for every action, there is a equal or opposite reaction, the formula is F1=F2”. (Henderson, T. (2011 December 11). Newtons Third Law) It is related because when a tennis ball is coming towards you from your opponent in a constant velocity (not counting how the wind and air resistance), and then you using your racket (F1) to hit/ act upon the ball and the tennis ball (F2) will go to the equal speed and direction as the racket (F1), and the harder you swing your racket, the faster the ball goes.

A tennis racket is like a extension of your arm, and it is a third class lever, because your shoulder is the pivot point, the arm muscles that you use (biceps and flexor digitorum) are the force, and the contact point between the ball and the racket (most of the time is the sweet spot of the racket because players will try to hit the ball on the sweet spot be make the best quality shot.) is the load. And you can tell that it is a third class lever because the force (muscles) are between the load and the pivot point. Not only how strong your muscles are effect the shots, also the racket and racket...

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