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Today, Temple University is holding its 2nd annual ten year reunion, for the class of 2017.I’m proud to see my colleagues that came a long way with me. I stand on this podium and cannot find the audacity to ask for something more, because everything what I dreamed about in the past, become potentially bright. I gained it through the hard work and dedication to my mission and my professors. Ten years of hard work and patience, I graduated Temple University majoring in medicine. From the bottom of my heart I want to say that it has been great deal of experience.

As soon as walked in the main entrance, ironically I saw the professor extolling his former students. As I walked by, I began to eavesdrop. I heard the professor saying to his old student, “look at that young man, look what he has done since he graduated from Temple University: he has a handsome son, a lovely wife, he is living in one of the most affluent cities in America, he is the top benefactor for his Hospital, and to top it all off, he is Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD, chief Surgeon. But I could have predicted this back in 2017”. He is in awe, thinking about all the opportunities that Temple University can offer you.

That was not the ending of my main priority. Sense the beginning I was thought to give away my best. With this ideology in my mind I always thought that life is not impermanent to accomplish something big. My decision was to join front lines of an Army Surgeons in US military. This was the least I could do to help out great nation which is called United States of America. With a great passion and most important clear conscience, I served in the US Marines/ Navy for over 5 years. Trough out time I gained respect and integrity, and now I’m in the rank of the most appreciated people in America. This happens when you start from a Temple University and move step by step and take what Temple University offers you. Indubitable, I would like to repeat myself and say that I have finally...
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