Topics: LGBT, Sexual orientation, Coming out, Homosexuality, Bisexuality / Pages: 2 (388 words) / Published: Feb 17th, 2014
If I had to imagine my personal and professional accomplishments 10 years after graduating college, I would hope that first of all my life was filled will happiness and joy. Professional accomplishments mean nothing if you are not happy in your life. Through obtaining my masters, moving to California, and helping to legalize gay marriage, I will be happy with my accomplishments. At my 10 year reunion for Temple, I will be able to say that I moved to Los Angeles, California and obtained a master's degree at UCLA. I will share all the wonderful memories that I developed in sunny California. I will write of my research done in the medical field that have helped to create more unique prosthetics. I will also share my accomplishments with the LGBT community in helping to legalize gay marriage in America. These are two great personal goals that I am going to accomplish with help of Temple University. These accomplishments will allow me to express at my 10 year reunion my utter happiness with life. I will be able to say that I am proud of myself and my life accomplishments. I will write about meeting my beautiful wife and falling in love. I will express the joy I gained through adopting underprivileged children and making them a part of my family. Another personal accomplishment that I hope to express at my 10 year reunion would be that I am openly accepted by my family. I want to be able to say that through helping gay and lesbian youth feel comfortable as themselves, that I became comfortable with my own self. After graduation I hope to accomplish many things. In the 10 years after graduating, I will have a happy and complete life. I will move to the area that I've dreamed about since I was young. I will use my prior experiences with coming out of the closet to help young people who are struggling. I will fight for equal rights of all American citizens through the battle of legalizing gay marriage. I will continue to further educate myself through obtaining

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