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  • Philadelphia

    In the movie‚ Philadelphia‚ Denzel Washington plays a well known African American lawyer. His character is a heterosexual male with a wife and a new baby daughter. At the beginning of the movie‚ he has very negative feelings towards homosexuals. As the movie continues‚ his character evolves and his feelings towards homosexuals and people affected with AIDS changes. When Tom Hank’s character asks Washington to represent him in court‚ he becomes very uncomfortable around Hanks. After Hanks reveals

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  • Philadelphia Beautification Projects

    Odell English 102 April 23‚ 2013 City Beautification of Philadelphia It would be nice if Philadelphia became a clean‚ beautiful city. Abandoned buildings become new‚ clean family houses‚ retail complexes‚ and shiny skyscrapers. Graffiti on walls are scrubbed and repainted to become wall murals where everything has pretty colors. Someday unused vacant lots will be a huge shopping mall or fancy restaurant. The city of Philadelphia will be a great-looking and sustainable place for upper-class

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  • The Urban Experience: Philadelphia

    March 10‚ 2009 Rose Schmitt Prof. J.W. Zuggi The Urban Experience LOVE Park In the heart of Center City‚ Philadelphia is the JFK Plaza‚ which is known to many Philadelphians as LOVE Park. The plaza is the home of The Fairmount Park Welcome Center‚ a single-spout fountain‚ and Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture. The plaza serves as a terminal point for The Ben Franklin Parkway and merges it to City Hall. The plaza itself was designed in 1965 by city planners Vincent King and Edmund Bacon as

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  • The Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition

    prosperity overnight‚ but it received a huge jump start in the late 1870s. One large scale event that generated widespread attention and recognition was the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. In an effort to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the United States declaring independence from Great Britain‚ there was a fair held in Philadelphia which celebrated freedom while showcasing a plethora of inventions‚ attractions‚ and ideas. Attractions present at the fair ranged from

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  • Philadelphia Movie Summary

    Philadelphia - Summary Main characters: · Andrew Beckett: A handsome‚ self-assured hotshot law graduate from Penn is on a fast track to partnership at his lawfirm. But he’s hiding a dark secret from his self-satisfied employers: he’s HIV-positive. When he gets fired while battling AIDS he decides to bring suit. He is warmhearted and cares much for his family who - especially his lover Miguel and his mother Sarah - are extraordinarily supportive during the case. · Joe Miller: At first he’s reluctant

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  • Miracle at Philadelphia

    Miracle at Philadelphia By: Catherine Drinker Bowen Joseph Winker 3/5/05 Miracle at Philadelphia is a book about the Constitutional Convention in the United States. The chapters are arranged in the order that the events happened during the convention. Mrs. Bowen‚ the author‚ made the events and the people of the convention seem more interesting than I thought they would be. There are many things that I really enjoyed reading in my book. Some of those things would have to be just how

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  • The Philadelphia Experiment

    The Philadelphia Experiment The Philadelphia Experiment took place in the fall of 1943 when a group of scientists funded by the U.S. government set out to turn a U.S. Cannon Class destroyer escort into an invisible war machine. The initial conspiracies surrounding the experiment were formulated by two scientists‚ William L. Moore and Charles Berlitz’. After extensive research‚ Moore and Berlitz’ concluded that The Philadelphia Experiment went awry when a U.S. Naval Destroyer was used to conduct

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  • Philadelphia Phillies Marketing Plan

    Philadelphia Phillies Marketing Plan March 10‚ 2014 Presented By: Christopher Dillon Robert Poli Table of Contents Background Goals Market Demographics Fan Demographics Ticket Packages Corporate/Group Packages Full Season Partial Season Individual Tickets Promotions Community Relations Background The Philadelphia area is located in a great area and is the second largest city along the east coast. It is the largest city in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the fifth most

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  • Philadelphia Museum of Art

    For the art project in this class‚ I visited The Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is located at the west end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. It is one of the most outstanding and largest museums of Art in United States. It was founded in 1876 in conjunction with the Centennial Exposition. This museum is basically formed and grew out of the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. Originally‚ this museum was a collection of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial

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  • Review of Miracle at Philadelphia

    Drinker‚ Catherine Bowen. Miracle at Philadelphia: The Constitutional Congress. New York: Book-Of-The-Month Club‚ Inc.‚ 1986 Catherine Drinker Bowen is the author of many historical‚ non-fiction‚ in-depth looks at different events and the personalities and tribulations that forged them. She has written a total of more than 30 books on the United States and its beginnings. Mrs. Bowen has an education in American literature and is a major in literature. She has experience in the field

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