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Table of Contents
1.1Project Objectives4
1.2Project Constraints4
1.3Project Risks4
2Proposed Solution5
2.1Business Requirements5
3Project Resources8
3.1Roles and Responsibilities8
3.2Issue Escalation8
3.3Project Staffing Plan8
3.4Project Materials8
4Project Approach9
4.1Development Model9
4.2Configuration Management9
4.3Communication Management10
4.4Change Management10


The intent of this document is to provide a sample application development project plan. The scope of this document covers the project planning phase and demonstrates how a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and associated Resource Breakdown Structure might be incorporated into key project documents. This document also provides a possible structure for presenting:

• Project deliverables
• Project risks and opportunities
• Estimates
• Project resource information
• Project delivery method
• Configuration and change management

A project manager would generally use this section of the document to provide an overview of the entire project.

Need for project
This section discusses why the project is being undertaken. There are many reasons for undertaking a project, including:

• Legislative or legal requirements (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley) • Competitive advantage
• Cost savings
• Benefit to your customers

What known challenges will impact project planning and execution? These might include:

• Unresolved disparity in stakeholder requirements or expectations • Unknown lead/delivery timeframe for a key project component (this would directly impact the scheduling critical path) • Unknown technical or other method of implementation (e.g. the technology required for the project is new or as of yet fully developed) • Project staff will require substantial training in order to complete project tasks

By implementing the project, what specific opportunities become available? For example:

• The software might enable trading in new financial markets, providing an opportunity to acquire new customers and earn additional revenue • The resulting product may be deployable to other customers

1 Project Objectives

This section should specifically list project objectives. These are the criteria which will be used to measure project success. For example:

• Complete application implementation by the end of FY 2009 • Provide a centralized...
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