Project Charter Template

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Project NameProject Number
Project ManagerPrioritization

Start Date:
Scheduled Completion Date:

Mission/ Purpose What is your project going to accomplish? How does this project relate to overall goals and objectives of the company? It is part of a program or larger project?

SOWWhat will this project create? What is the product of the project? At a high level, how do you plan on doing the work of the project? What are the high-level deliverables for this project?

ObjectivesWhat objectives, if any, of the company is this project designed to meet?

Business NeedWhy should we do this project? What will be gained, changed, or modified? Is there a financial or business reason to do this project? This area should contain any feasibility studies, NPV, PI, PB, or PBD used to advance the project.

Project Manager and StakeholdersWho will lead this project? Who are the major stakeholders?

Milestones What are the key milestone dates associated with the project?

BudgetWhat is the order-of-magnitude budget for this project?

User Acceptance Criteria/QualityWhat are the minimum success criteria as defined by the key stakeholders?

High-Level Project Assumptions What are the assumptions on which the project is based? High-Level Project ConstraintsWhat are the major limiting factors that affect the project? Exclusions and Boundaries What are the boundaries of the project? What is to be included and what is to be excluded from the project?

Major RisksWhat are the major risks affecting the project?


Project Manager Authority Level

Project Core Team

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) (include company and channel designations if applicable)

Type NameSignatureDate
Project Manager Approval:

Customer/Sponsor Approval:
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