Temperature Ranges

Topics: Climate, Temperature, Equator Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: January 30, 2012
LAB ACTIVITY: Coastal and Continental Temperature Ranges


1) I can tell from the temperature curves that the cities are all in the Northern Hemisphere because it ranges from low to high then back to low again starting in January.

2) The city that has the greatest yearly temperature range is Bismarck, N.D.

3) The cause of the greatest range is because the location is located most near the pole.

4) The rates of heating and cooling do not differ much for New York and Bismarck, they both have their lowest temperature in January and highest in July.

5) The yearly temperature range for Los Angeles is 17 degrees.

6) The yearly temperature range for Phoenix is 40 degrees.

7) Since Los Angeles and Phoenix are at the same latitude, I can infer that they receive the same intensity of insolation.

8) The difference in the temperature curves for the two cities is because Los Angeles is near the coast, so the temperatures stay generally high while Phoenix temperatures vary.

9) The lack of atmospheric moister in California’s Mohave Desert can cause a large daily temperature range because when the air is dry, it cools more easily.


1) The difference in the annual temperature range between a coastal region and an inland region is that in a coastal region, temperatures are generally the same and doesn’t have much difference. The temperature in an inland region varies from low to high.

2) The other factors that affect the rate of cooling and heating in any given location is if the location is in a coastal region or inland region, another factor can be the amount of atmospheric moister in the location.
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