Week 4 Assignment

Topics: Wind, Tropical cyclone, Weather Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: May 25, 2015
1. A large number of fish and marine plants may die, the dead fish and birds may liter the water and beaches, their decomposing bodies deplete the waters oxygen. The El Nino event is often a cause for droughts causing more brush fires and crop failures. When it comes to wind; the El Nino decreases the strength of tropical storms and hurricanes. 2. The wind in the northern and southern hemispheres would go in the opposite direction that they currently typically flow in. As well as the wind ocean currents would switch with a cold current flowing off of the east coast and a warm current off of the west coast. 3. Large pressure systems do not travel east to west in the United States because of the jet stream in the United States. The jet stream in the United States is a west to east stream, this moves the pressure systems across the United States. 4. 500 Mb chart would be more important because a surface chart only shows what is going happening on the surface. A 500 Mb chart will not only determines the movement on the surface but also will tell you what the winds are doing higher up giving you an idea if the weather will weaken or get stronger. 5. The four types are Continental Polar cP, Continental Tropical cT, Maritime Polar mP, and Maritime tropical mT. cP would originate over the ice and snow covered regions of the Arctic, northern Canada and Alaska. In my region this type of front would bring cold weather and frigid temperatures. cT would originate in the summer months only and from northern Mexico. These air masses would create dry and hot conditions. These are typically found in the southwest of the United States. mP would originate over Asia and frozen polar regions. These would produce rain clouds and in colder air the rain turns to snow. mT would originate in the Gulf of Mexico. These would create hot temperatures heavy rain and extensive flooding in California.
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