Topics: Ocean, Plate tectonics, Fish Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: April 28, 2015
STUDY GUIDE FOR FINAL ___ INTROD TO OCEANOGRAPHY NOTE: This list is NOT exhaustive. It is only a rough guide, with broad topics!

THE FIRST PART OF THE SEMESTER (11 chapters) – main ideas only:

Examples of main ideas are:
The Earth – origin of Earth, oceans, life; the Earth’s internal layers… know physical concepts such as energy (kinetic, heat), density, convection, bioaccumulation, biodegradation, photo-degradation, diffusion… Plate Tectonics – major Plate Tectonic principles; What are the 3 plate boundaries and their driving mechanisms? Where are trenches?... What are hot spots? What is our plate boundary here in SD? In which direction are we moving? Marine Provinces – the 2 continental margins and where they’re found… Seawater – the water molecule – characteristics - polarity, heat capacity, solvent, bonds…; density, salinity, temp. Weather – characteristics of the atmosphere; Hadley cell; Coriolis effect; cyclones (hurricanes) and anticyclones; Climate change and greenhouse gases… Ocean Circulation – the two types of surface currents…

Waves and Tsunami – shallow water and deep water waves; why waves break; what’s tsunami, where do they form?... Coasts and Beaches – the 2 types of coasts and characteristics of each, contrast the Atlantic and Gulf to the Pacific coasts; sea level changes and effect on coasts… Pollution – the 4 types of pollution sources: petroleum, sewage, heavy metals, plastics… Marine habitat – the domains and kingdoms; evolution by natural selection; Organisms: plankton, nekton, benthos; in which environment do we see most diversity?...

THE LAST PART OF THE SEMESTER (Chapters: 13, 14, 15) – the majority of questions – about 75% of questions (so, very detailed):

Biological Productivity – what is it? What is Photosynthesis? (its inputs, its outputs); The nature of light, the wavelength (blue vs red), light penetration in the oceans; What is the euphotic zone?… The sea “plants”: what are they? The 3 broad...
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