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Secrets To Making It as a TV News Anchor & Reporter
* How To Anchor
* Reading a Teleprompter
* The Anchor Look
* Getting a TV Job
* Contact Us
How To Anchor
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Only Read This If You Want to Be on Television

This information is only for the select few who have the rare combination of talent, fortitude and ambition necessary to become a television news anchor and reporter. It is not for those who want to work behind the scenes or behind the camera.

The rewards of being on the air are vast. Successful television news anchors enjoy notoriety, respect and riches. However, the life is not for everyone. To get to the top you must move around the country, endure long hours under difficult working conditions, and tolerate low starting salaries. If you have the stuff to survive the vetting process, you can be the one delivering the news to the masses.

This is the most difficult time in the history of television to get an on-air job. Journalists are being laid off in droves and there are hundreds of applicants for every job opening. If you hope to succeed in television news, you must know the tricks of the trade.

No one is born with the ability to effortlessly read a teleprompter or know exactly what to say on live television. They are skills that must be honed with experience. If you learn the proper way to master these skills now, you will have a huge advantage over everyone else.

The e-book: Television News Anchor, The Worst Job You Will Ever Love is a comprehensive look at what it takes to succeed as an on-camera news anchor and reporter. It contains brutally honest revelations about insider techniques, tricks, maneuvers, deals and secrets of television news.

You will learn:
* The brutal truth about the TV news business.
* What you need to know before starting your TV news career. * How to create a winning resume tape that will get you a job. * How to get a news...
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