ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

Topics: American Broadcasting Company, Diane Sawyer, ABC World News Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: August 12, 2013
ABC World News With Diane Sawyer
American Broadcasting Company, ABC News, has been around since 1943. Their structure, style, and techniques have slightly changed over the years from radio to television, from anchormen to anchorwomen. In this paper we will be looking at ABC World News hosted by Diane Sawyer on July 29, 2013. Mainly focusing on the purpose of the overall news of the day, the advertising for this segment of the news, and the demographic audience that ABC is trying to reach. The top four news stories that were discussed in this broadcast were 1) Tropical Strom in Hawaii, 2) The Arizona Flood, 3) Power Land the lunch with the president and Hillary Clinton, and 4) Cannes Jewel Heist. These four stories were the ones that got the most airtime and they went into greater detailed about them. Looking at these four stories I notice one thing in common this stories are events. Events that cannot be changed which are mainly factual and there is little room for controversy. They then talked about three stories that did not get as much airtime and did not go into great detail about them, which were 1) Equifax Credit Controversy, 2) The arrest of 150 pimps by the FBI and 3) Pope Francis speaks on Gay Marriage. These three stories are situations that could bring out different arguments among people creating a great deal of controversy. I felt that ABC’s strategy for this was to bring out the topic and let the audience do and form their own opinions on the situations, so no fingers could be pointed of bias towards ABC News. The last two stories that they talked about were Real answers – Can you find more hours in your day? and Flying Golf car. These stories are what I call the fun/happy part of the news. Which are used to wrap up the show and ends on a positive note.

Next we have the advertising for this news broadcast. There first commercial was an Allstate commercial. The reason for this commercial to be first is that Allstate is a proud sponsor of ABC...
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