Telecom Sector of Bangladesh

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Telecommunications in Bangladesh :
The liberalisation of Bangladesh’s telecommunications sector began with small steps in 1989 with the issuance of a licence to a private operator for the provision of inter alia cellular mobile services to compete with the previous monopoly provider of telecommunications services the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB). Significant changes in the number of fixed and mobile services deployed in Bangladesh occurred in the late 1990s and the number of services in operation have subsequently grown exponentially in the past five years. The incentives both from government and public sectors have helped to grow this sector.It is now one of the biggest sector of Bangladesh. As a populous country, it's huge market has attracted many foreign investors to invest in this sector. The telecom sector in Bangladesh is rapidly emerging. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is the regulatory authority for this sector, overseeing licensing, policy etc. The Calling Code of Bangladesh is +880 HISTORY:

Landmarks in the history of telecom industry in Bangladesh[1] • 1853 : Telegraph branch under Posts and Telegraph Department, British India. • 1971 : Reconstructed as Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Department under Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. • 1975 : Reconstructed as Telegraph and Telephone Board. • 1979 : Reconstructed as Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB) with right to issue license for telecom and wireless services. • 1981 : Digital Telex Exchange in Bangladesh.

• 1983 : Automatic Digital ITX started in Dhaka.
• 1985 : Coinbox Telephone service introduced in Bangladesh by BTTB. • 1989 : GENTEX Telegraph messaging service introduced in Bangladesh. • 1989 : Bangladesh Rural Telecom Authority got license to operate exchanges in 200 upazilla. • 1989 : Sheba Telecom got license to operate exchange is 199 upazilla. • 1989 : Cellular mobile...
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