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Effective Digital Bangladesh: concepts, values perspectives of Third world

We all love our country Bangladesh. As a Bangladeshi, we have different perception, religious beliefs, and contingency of thoughts, available information and correcting response of emerging issues, which are affecting our personal life with changing the environmental. Now all of the Bangladeshi people have been known the emerging concept “Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021”in this Informational age. Digital Bangladesh: Young Generation

Present prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina in 2008 have been arising a broad concept “Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021”, which is significantly changes our environmental counterword. The victory of Awami League in the last election has given the new government a huge task of meeting people’s aspirations. Different analyses of the electoral results have exposed that the young generation who consist of more than one third of the voters had indeed brought this overwhelming victory for AL. The visionary approach of AL’s manifesto, especially its ‘Vision 2021′ which envisions a ‘digital Bangladesh’.

Digital age aspects: Third World
The digital Technology has been created major changes in the worldwide. The world in which we live – the world of late modernity – is characterized by a deep uncertainty; uncertainty not only about the foundations of social structure, but also about individual identity. Digital technology offers powerful tools for learning, for self-expression, and for the building, maintenance and sharing of identity. But for citizens of the third age, these aspects of the modern world pose a threat to their identity. Being able to use the technology appropriately in real situations is therefore important to any citizen. Technology has not changed the notion of what learning is, but it has opened up more avenues in thinking how it can be done. If we wish to empower seniors digitally we should focus on their goals for digital usage, the areas in which digital activity is socially meaningful and contribute directly to the development of meaning and identity. Allan Martin (February 2009:2) Digital Literacy for the Third Age: Sustaining Identity in an Uncertain World eLearning Papers,, 1 Nº 12 • February 2009, ISSN 1887-1542 Bangladesh should be part of Information age and “Digital Bangladesh”, needs to be the basis grounded for Bangladesh. The concept of Digital Bangladesh should be centered on the creation of what is popularly termed as a "knowledge based society," Therefore, knowledge-based society where information will be readily available online and where all possible tasks of the government, semi-government and also private spheres will be processed using online. In the third world perspective identify three key elements – i. Late modern society

ii. Digitally-infused society
iii. A society in which change is perceived as endemic and as rapid, in which nothing appears to remain the same, in which fashions change by the season, political leaders rise and fall with stunning rapidity, “celebrities” arise from nowhere with often the slimmest claim to fame, and can vanish overnight, and every product on the market is “new”. Late modern society:

It is a globalised society, in which the free-market economy has become transformed into a supranational order, in which the elite, no longer loyal or beholden to any one country, and itself highly mobile in terms of its location and lifestyle, deploys capital on a global basis. Digitally-infused society:

Digital technology has become essential to the accomplishment of most official and commercial activities, and many personal ones too. The digital, which was initially a tool to achieve faster and more efficiently the activities we already performed, has enabled activities previously considered unimaginable, including globalization itself. It has also forced a change in the way we think about information, from a finite and...

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