Telecom Sector in India

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Vodafone is the 22nd best company to work for in the GPTW rankings of 2012. Whereas, BSNL/MTNL doesn’t even appear in the list.

Flexible & conducive work environment
Vodafone makes employees feel included and responsible. It lives by its values of speed, simplicity and trust at every step. Employees work with a spirit of camaraderie and have great fun at the workplace. There is good recognition for individual efforts along with a caring and safe work environment. There is enormous pride in the brand image of Vodafone as well.

Best practices
Vodafone Tales is a programme that identifies those memorable customer service experiences, which help them to establish and maintain real differentiation in the market. It provides a platform for employees to write about some moments that exemplify the Vodafone way of doing things, moments of magic that delight their customers. The programme is run on "My world", their employee portal, where employees can write a tale about their colleagues' experience which has delighted a customer. The employees whose stories are rated as the three best of the month get recognised as ‘Service Champions of the Month'. The Service Champions are featured in their quarterly internal video magazine titled ‘Vodafone Tube', besides getting a certificate and being recognised through a mail nationally. The best of the Vodafone Tales finally get chronicled into an annual book.

Diversity in staff
With a total workforce of 9868 employees, Vodafone India promotes women employment. The current women employee count is roughly 2000 i.e. around 20% of the workforce. We also conducted activities like health workshops and health checkups for our women employees. We prepared the ‘Maternity Transition Note’ outlining activities like planning, communicating maternity leave to the line manager, holding a discussion of promotion cycles, transferring the responsibility and other activities for a smooth transition before and after the leave. Of the...
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