TEFL Module 4

Topics: Present tense, Question, Grammatical tense Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: July 1, 2015
Write a lesson plan for a conversation activity.
Date:26/05/2015Class Level: BeginnerLength of Lesson: 1hr. Lesson Type & Subject: Hobbies - Vocabulary and grammar (verbs in Simple Present e pronomes pessoais) Materials Needed: cards, videos, photos, exhibitors, projector and board. Lesson Objective: learn and practice new vocabulary of sports and hobbies; exercising verbs in the present tense and proper utilization of personal pronouns; develop the capacity of oral expression and verbal interaction group. Plan:

Pre-speaking (10 minutes)
Introduces the topic of hobbies drawing students' attention to a short video that they will see. Students are advised that at the end of it, will perform an activity. Visualization of a video with celebrities and their favorite hobbies. Pre-Speaking (5 minutes)

Are distributed cards with different pictures of hobbies and the students are invited to stand up and go to paste those cards in the corresponding exhibitor to the celebrity image that practices those hobbies (four exhibitors, one in each corner of the room, with various celebrities images). Speaking (25 minutes)

The Students explain their choice by answering the question of the teacher "Which hobbie is from the celebrety A / B / C / D?" In the situation where the student can not answer, the teacher (having already foreseen this problem) gives the student a set of four cards, each with the word that represents an action of a hobby, so he select the correct and properly respond the question. With this activity the students will practice vocabulary and sentence structures referring to several hobbies of celebrities represented in exhibitors. Then the class is distributed by groups of 2 students where each pair makes questions and give the answers: -Student A: What are your favorite hobbies? / What do you do in your free time? -Student B: I like playing football, traveling and going to the cinema. Now the student B assumes the role of the student A, and vice...
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