Teens having jobs in school essay

Topics: Adolescence, High school, Education Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Emily Weaver 12/21/12 6th hour

Jobs in High School
Junior year in high school is probably the time when most students think about getting a job. Movies, cell phones, cars and insurance cost money. So, there comes a point in time when teenagers can no longer depend on their parents to pay for everything. By getting their own job, they can earn their own money and learn job skills for their future. Teens should have jobs during high school. Teens could learn to manage money and know the value of it. Having a job teaches teenagers that to earn money they need to do hard work, such as cleaning toilets or table, so they are more likely to be responsible with the money they earned. As they earn larger amounts of money, they will also learn to spend it wisely. It can take the financial burden off your shoulders. They will have a sense of accomplishment with each paycheck. Chances are they won’t spend their own money they way they’ve been spending their parents money. Teens can gain a new experience and knowledge from working. Though balancing work and school can be a challenge, working at places such as grocery stores, restaurants, and movie theaters can help teens become more mature. According to the American working teen’s fact sheet, many parents have found that part time jobs help their children understand the value of handwork and responsibility. Studies show that students who work are more confident and processes better time- management skills then students who are not employed. One marketable skill that teens can learn in many jobs is customer service. Being able to deal with the customers problems, listening to them and taking in what they are saying. Although children often start to learn to work with others in schools and sports, a job can further teenagers abilities to work as a team. The work that they do will involve working around or with other people, including customers and co- workers. Employers expect teenage employees to have a positive attitude...
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