Unit 307

Topics: Youth, Young, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Kristina Stylianou
Unit 307

It is important to provide young people with accurate and up to date information because if I were to give them the wrong information, I would be letting myself and the young person down by not having the right knowledge. For example if a young female came up to me asking sexual health advice and I gave her leaflets that were out of date and not correct information, I could be putting her in a bad situation. Whereas, if I provided the correct information she would have a better prospective of the situation and I would have helped her with her query.

Our role as practitioners are not to let our personal feelings show when giving information and advice. This could be if a young female aged 13 approached me asking for sexual advice and personal opinion may be that she is too young to be having sex. However I must keep my feelings to myself and provide the correct information and advice to this young person.

In the youth work setting, I would encourage people to approach me if they needed advice as I can then help them with any decisions needed to make or any questions they may have on their life. For example if someone needed help choosing the correct University or job role, I would be able to provide them leaflets on the different Universities and courses available. If they wanted advice on job roles I could take them to Lewisham’s website where the give information on job applications and offers.

It is important to provide opportunities for young people to give them a sense of responsibility, which will help them in the future. Recently I have organised for a Sexual Health Advisor to attend the Adventure for a Sexual Health session. During this, the young people learnt all about STI’s, different contraception methods and where they can go for advice. This gave them all the information and resources they need to make an informed choice regarding their sexual health.

At my Adventure, I had a...
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