Teenage Pregnancy

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27 May 2014
Teen Pregnancy
When I was in high school there were many girls getting pregnant. Teenage pregnancies are typically young girls around the age of thirteen through nineteen. Young teens that get pregnant don’t know all the consequences for their actions regarding life changes. A lot of these teens don’t get the right prenatal care, the baby or the mom sometimes get birth and health defects. Unfortunately, only 40% of teen mothers finish high school. Fewer than 2 percent finish college by the age of 30. The purpose of this essay is to thoroughly describe teen pregnancy and their problems, how can teen pregnancy be prevented and a possible solution. Although having a baby can be a blessing, I believe there are not many things being done to prevent teenage pregnancy. The United States pregnancy rate for teens between the ages of fifteen and nineteen was 67.8 per 1,000 according to National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy in 2008. Between the same ages, the rate decreased since 1991 when it was 117 per 1,000 teenagers. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the rate was 343.3 births per 1,000 teens in 2010 compared to 61.8 births per 1,000 teens in 1991. As of today, the United States teen birth rates remain nine times higher than any other country, according to CDC. In the Article, Teen Pregnancy: Medical Risks and Realities states that the teenage girls that are pregnant and don’t have the support from the parents are more at risk for not getting the right vital prenatal care. Prenatal care monitors the baby’s growth, screen for medical problems and can quickly handle any problems that appear. Getting treatment also helps to prevent any types of birth defects; however, getting no prenatal care or the mothers who receive treatment late is more likely to have their child born with some type of health problems. For example, “mothers who receive late (defined as the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy) or no...

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