Teenage Pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy has several adverse implications on society.

According to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (NCPTP), early pregnancy and childbearing is linked to a host of other critical social issues, such as poverty, health and education. Perhaps this is because teen moms are often not ready or able to care for children, and research shows that good parenting can help kids succeed in school, refrain from criminal activity and grow into responsible, productive adults. Public Costs

The NCPTP reports that teen childbearing costs taxpayers at least $9 billion each year, including public sector health care costs, increased child welfare costs, prison costs and lost tax revenue. Poverty

According to the NCPTP, 67 percent of families begun by a teen mother live in poverty, and 52 percent of all mothers currently on welfare had their first child as a teenager. Perhaps this is because teen moms are less likely to complete high school, making it difficult for them to obtain higher-paying jobs. Babies' Well-Being

Since teens often don't practice optimum prenatal care, babies born to teen moms are more likely to be born prematurely and at low birth weight. They are also more likely to suffer abuse and neglect than children born to moms older than 20, according to the NCPTP. Education

According to a PBS report, children of teenage mothers are more likely to perform poorly in school, making it difficult for them to graduate from high school and escape the welfare system. Crime
PBS reports that sons of teen moms are 13 percent more likely to end up in prison, increasing crime as well as prison costs.
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