Teenage Pregnancy

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MARCH 13 2013


Today many teenage pregnancies are evident, contrary to the biblical view point and the understanding of the rule “NO SEX before MARRIAGE. Many young females have fallen into lust and temptation of involving themselves into sexual activities, which leads to many disastrous outcomes, one of which is teenage pregnancy. This occurrence was rarely evident back in the days; it was very rare to see a young girl pregnant, now when a teenage girl is expecting a baby it is more on an excitement level than a shameful mistake. In this paper I will try to show how young women report varied accounts of the extent to which their pregnancy was planned; how their childhood and backgrounds acted as contributing factors to “planning” a pregnancy and also how more explicit and direct influences include viewing pregnancy as a chance to gain a new identity and direction in life. I interviewed four young ladies whose lives have been changed by teenage pregnancy. They were between the ages of 13-22 most has been in stable relationships, and got married, though some relationships had since broken down.

What are some reasons why teenage pregnancy exists?
Well statistics has shown that most children who grow up in Nuclear Families are most likely to succeed. They tend to be more in control of certain circumstances compared to children who come from a single family home. Whereas children who live with a single parent are more unsettled and fails to reject the social pressures plaguing society today. An unsettled background and bad experiences at school provided an impetus to change direction in life. Young people saw this as way to control their own life and to gain independence. INTERVIEWS

Interview 1
Interviewer: Hi. I am not asking for advice on a pregnancy. I am not pregnant. I am doing a research project on teen pregnancies. I would like to hear...
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