Teenage Driving

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Learning Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: June 7, 2008
Teens face many responsibilities in life. They’re just getting out on their own and learning about life. Driving however is probably the biggest responsibility that they face in every day life.

Statistics show that teen drivers have the highest accident rate out of all drivers. It’s not that they don’t try but they are just learning to drive so of course they’re going to have accidents. Most people think that if you slap on a bunch of restrictions that it will help prevent all teen accidents.

There are many new waiting periods and restrictions for teen drivers. They must wait 6 months after getting their permits before they can get their real licenses, and they also have to have 60 hours of instructed driving with a parent or legal guardian. Another new addition to the rules is the curfew has been changed from 12:00 to 11:00. Will these changes help prevent accidents I doubt it. To most teens they’re just an inconvenience.

Educating young drivers would help more then just telling them what they can’t do. Some teens go through a minimum amount of education when it comes to driving. Most teen’s take a driver’s education course in high school but is that enough. A very small number of teens take an instructed driving course called behind the wheel with their drivers’ education teacher. Educating teens about how to deal with situations would help improve their driving ability to react to dangerous situations.

Another way to help bring down teen accidents would be to get rid of some of the distractions teens face. In this day and age most teens have cell phones and cd players. This is the leading cause of teen accidents. They only give half of there attention to the road and the other half to technology. Get rid of those distractions and they wouldn’t have anything else to worry about other then driving.

Insurance companies are a teen drivers worst nightmare. Teens have the highest insurance out of all drivers. Many teens have to get jobs to pay...
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