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Bryana Choice 624 words Pregnancy

The South Carolina Teen Pregnancy Campaign will host an event September 18th to discuss the rate of pregnancy and birth control. This Campaign in South Carolina has been around for 20 years helping the community decrease the rate of teen pregnancy. Other campaigns have been developed but according to Kemi Ogunji an employee for the campaign, South Carolina is the leading one. Kemi Ogunji says “the reason why the South Carolina Pregnancy Campaign has lasted so long than other campaigns because they go into communities, hold workshops, and have mentors for young girls of all ages.” This campaign also trains different nurses and health professionals to

Bryana Choice-Pregnancy
explain more about teen pregnancy. Kemi Ogunji is thrilled that teen pregnancy in South Carolina has gone down 47% since the campaign started. South Carolina is the 11th state in America to have the highest teen pregnancy, that means 6 out of 10 students will get pregnant and most likely not finish high school. Statistics show that only 38% of teen mothers finish high school. This will also affect people in the community because taxes will rise costing tax payers 197 million dollars per year according to Kemi Ogunji statistics. In the year 2010 South Carolina tax payers paid at least 166 million dollars in taxes. In South Carolina fifteen teenagers gives birth every day between the ages of 15-19 and in 2012 5,532 teens ages 15-19 gave birth. Statistics also show that 26% of teens are already mothers when they give birth in the hospitals. Kemi Ogunji and the South Carolina Pregnancy Campaign go to different middle schools and high schools around the state of South Carolina to talk about the prevention of teen pregnancy and the rate of teen pregnancy in South Carolina. Even though the rate of teen pregnancy is going down in South...
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