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Topics: Adolescence, Abortion, Sex education Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Teen Pregnancy Prevention 2010–2015
Integrating Services, Programs, and Strategies Through Communitywide Initiatives: The President’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative

As part of the President's Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI), CDC is partnering with the federal Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH) to reduce teenage pregnancy and address disparities in teen pregnancy and birth rates. The OASH Office of Adolescent HealthExternal Web Site Icon (OAH) is supporting public and private entities to fund medically accurate and age appropriate evidence-based or innovative program models to reduce teen pregnancy. The purpose of this program is to demonstrate the effectiveness of innovative, multicomponent, communitywide initiatives in reducing rates of teen pregnancy and births in communities with the highest rates, with a focus on reaching African American and Latino/Hispanic youth aged 15–19 years. A communitywide model is an intervention implemented in defined communities (specified geographic area) applying a common approach with different strategies. Communitywide approaches will be tailored to the specified community, and will include broad-based strategies that reach a majority of youth in the community (i.e., through communication strategies and media campaigns); and intensive strategies reaching youth most in need of prevention programming (i.e., through implementation of evidence-based programs and improved links to services). Program goals are—

Reduce the rates of pregnancies and births to youth in the target areas. Increase youth access to evidence-based and evidence-informed programs to prevent teen pregnancy. Increase linkages between teen pregnancy prevention programs and community-based clinical services. Educate stakeholders about relevant evidence-based and evidence-informed strategies to reduce teen pregnancy and data on needs and resources in target communities.

To achieve these goals for FY...
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