Teen Activist Essay

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Teen Activists
Every heard the term “A bullet can’t kill a dream”? This term definitely applies to teen activist who would take a bullet to the head to keep their dream of a better world alive. Teen Activists help the world by gathering followers and try to knock out one world problem at a time. Their charities can range from a simple lemonade stand or food drive, to getting thousands upon thousands of people around the world to support the cause by donating, protesting, or even leading hundreds of thousands of people behind you and walk with signs down the biggest and most important places in their countries like Malala Yousafzai, Hannah Taylor, and Iqbal Masih. They come from all different countries, come in different shapes, sizes, and
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The first thing she did was write a blog for the BBC Urdu service about fears that her school would be attacked and the increasing military activity. Her following became huge as Malala continued to write about women’s rights. The Taliban however, was not happy about Malala’s point of view. On October 9, 2012. Malala was coming home from school on the bus with her friends when a man approached the bus. He jumped up into the back seats where Malala and her friends were riding and demanded to know who Malala was. Her friends looked at her revealing her position. The man immediately fired at her head at point blank range, the bullet however, remarkably missed her brain, it traveled through the left side of her head past her brain and exited through her left shoulder. She survived the attack and still continues to protest against women not having equal rights. Since 2013 she and Ziauddin organized a charity supporting women’s rights, the organization is called the Malala Fund and has raised 7 million dollars in the past 3 years. In 2011 she had been awarded the first Youth Nobel Prize and was nominated for Internationals Children’s Peace Prize. She even has a celebratory day honoring her on July 12. Malala’s determination to make a better world has been noticed by billions of people all around the

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