Technology-Trendy Communication

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Technology - Trendy Communication
XCOM 285

Technology - Trendy Communication
Technology has made business communication much easier. With computers you can write letters and papers without having to worry about pen scribbles or pencil markings that wouldn’t erase all the way. There is e-mailing, texting, phone calls, video conferences and so forth. Just about any way you can think of to communicate, you can do it now days with the technology that is out there. Do businesses use technology effectively for communication? It’s not a yes or no answer. It all depends on who is running the business, what rules they set, and how dedicated they are to making sure their business communicates properly. Any large or small business can forget to communicate or they can be the best communicators. Communicating can cost money, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot. There is nothing better than a well written letter or e-mail to get the communication flowing. Sometimes e-mail can be tedious because of those who are addicted to e-mailing can clog up your inbox. A business owner should take that into consideration and set rules that only business related e-mails be exchanged with other employees and managers. That is why some companies have work e-mail addresses so that every e-mail sent is read and communication stays clear. The one problem with technology is storing data. As the years progress we need more and more space for all the data we save. On our home computers are our family pictures and music. But in a work place they can store endless amounts of data from e-mails, printed documents, surveillance cameras, tracking company cars, tracking where employees go on the computers, and so many other things that need to be saved. It all depends on the business you are running. You may need more or less data than another company. No matter what you need stored and remembered, it is always more important to have good communication or your business could have a number of...
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