Technology in the Classroom

Topics: High school, Education, Microsoft Office Pages: 6 (2599 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Paul Goodyear
Technology in the Classroom

One cold morning a young man by the name of Cyrus was awoken abruptly by his alarm clock. He had spent all the previous night playing games and browsing the internet. He took a shower, ate, threw on his clothes, a Carhartt and went out the door. He went inside the school feeling miserable because he knew he had seven hours left before he could do anything remotely fun again. The extremely disappointing thing is that Cyrus wasn’t the only one. Everyone else walking in the bland metal doors felt the same way. Cyrus ran into some friends, greeted them coldly, and continued to his classroom in room 217. He sat in his seat and set down his twenty pound backpack and pulled out his textbook, notebook, and pen. From there he repeated this six more times. After the long day was over Cyrus had to lug the twenty pounds back home. After he had gotten home Cyrus changed into his work uniform and went to his job at Burger Town. At ten o’clock he came home and did homework till eleven at night. At this point Cyrus was exhausted and just wants to go to bed. A single day may physically drain this young man, but thirteen years of this will emotionally exhaust him. On the first dreary rainy Monday of school Jason woke up on time and jumped in the shower. He then combed his hair to impress Jenny later on that day and couldn’t help but laugh at how silly the whole idea was. Jason put on his clothes and grabbed his bag and a slice of toast and headed to school. When he got to class he pulled the only thing in his backpack out and placed it on his desk. A shiny durable Lenovo laptop and opened it up. He connected to the school network and turned in all of his files for the day. From that point on he had no more responsibility other than learn and impress Jenny. He then left from a calm day of school and headed to work. He used the same laptop to help him make a presentation at the Fire House where he volunteered. It is now about nine at night and Jason is now making his way home satisfied of a good days work. Jason then got his laptop out and did his homework the way he did every night. Answering the free response and doing his research, all on the same lightweight portable machine that makes so many student’s lives easier. Obviously Jason has had a much better day, and for obvious reasons as well. Jason easily turned in assignments and kept organized the whole day. This easy approach to keep all things in one nice compact area is extraordinary. The annoying part is that it is so easy to implement. There are only three components that are necessary to pull off such an overhaul of the American High school educational system: funding, compatibility, and integration. I know what you all are thinking “Technology in school! That will only be distracting, kids will not know how to write, I turned out fine, why change the system?” To all of the baby boomers who have given birth to the digital age, thank you for the innovation, but you all have messed up the United States Education system. We as a country are losing ground quickly in education. No this education failure does not mean we need harder classes, or better teachers. What we really need is a revamped curriculum, and a re-definition of High School. Is the purpose of High School to prepare for college or to prepare for life. Most Americans think the latter, but believe the first. We need to improve high schools to prepare for life in a way other countries have already done, technology. The average USA high school still has many bulky desktop computers running Windows XP. This operating system (operating system throughout the rest of the paper will be referred to as OS not to be confused with iOS which will later be referenced) is no longer supported by Microsoft. Why are students who are preparing for life allowed to use an outdated device for work, when in the workforce almost every computer has made the jump to the newest version of...

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