Technology: Hard Disk Drive and World

Topics: Hard disk drive, Solar wind, Computer Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: September 25, 2013
In todays world people may be think that technology will take over the world. Well in some case it may be right and in others its not. It’s just the way you look at it. You may also see how fast technology is growing and how it’s taking over. You may see it as an alien that is taking over the world. Well it may be right.

How does it seem like a alien, well according to “Aliens behind the World Government” By D.M. Talks about how aliens are altering the human brain and thoughts. So that the alien can take over the world. Humans are being brainwashed to think a certain way so that it makes it easier for an alien to take over. If you turn it over and base it in technology terms. It is basically doing the same thing. Technology is taking over the thoughts, ideas and decisions you make in your everyday life.

Why would you say that technology is taking over the world? Well think for a moment, many years ago people controlled people. What do I mean people had leaders and you did what he said or advised. As people become liberal things began to change. With technology advancing it making it seem like it taking over the world. Now with technology advancing you are able to research any question or any thought before making a decision. Especially if the question is how to run your life or on life changes you will like to do. For example now that we have computers internet access you are able to research it before you make a decision. You can do research on how a disease started and how to treat it. You can basically get a second opinion. So yes you can say technology is taking over this world. You research on the web and you follow the indications, therefore technology is taking over you.

Its not only taking over your life but also this taking over space around you making easier to control and storage more with less space. “ We usually think about technology changing our world in terms of things it touches directly. Shelves of...
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