Fahrenheit 451 Themes

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Fahrenheit 451 Themes

In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, there are many themes but one theme that

we can relate to is; “too much technology can ruin relationships”. Ray Bradbury talks about how

technology ruined the lives of Montag and his wife Mildred. "Will you turn the parlour off?" he

asked. "That's my family" (1.493-4). Mildred treats the television as if it is her very own family

and does not respond to her husband respectably. In the story it continues to talk about how

Montag and Mildred lack in conversation which ended on some bad notes.

In the short article “The Future Of 'Short Attention Span Theater” it talks about how

technology is interfering with peoples lives and how they are being distracted from what is

important like their relationship with the ones they love. “Technology has totally changed what it

means to watch television or a movie”. People are becoming more and more impatient and are

being distracted from reality. They are not paying attention to the important things because of

technology and its ability to hypnotize people.

The theme; “Too much technology can ruin relationships” can be related to in our

modern time. Some people pay attention to their computers, phones, and TV more than their own

family. People spend most of their days on an electronic and don’t even think of the outcome of

what they are doing. If we don’t change the way we live our lives then soon enough

people(some) might end up like the people of Fahrenheit 451. Some of the changes are already

happening and just imagine a world where our relationships with one another are destroyed

because of technology. That would be a very ruthless world.
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