Is Google Making Us Stupid

Topics: Technology, Wii, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: June 24, 2013
English Comp. 111

Technology in My World
In today’s society there are so many things that are distractions in our everyday life. Some people are obsessed with their religion, some people are hooked on sports, but in the last forty years or so people have really become obsessed with technology. Not because technology is just the only thing out, but because technology has advanced in so many different ways. The cars we drive, phones we talk on, TV’s we watch have all advanced in major ways. My thinking has been influenced by the technological devices that I use. In my personal life, I use lots of technology. My favorite piece of technology is my cell phone. On my phone I can not only make calls, but I can download and play games, surf the web, keep track of my agenda, download different apps, and even check my emails. I also use the computer, tv, dvd player, radio, and gaming consoles to keep me entertained. I love to listen to the radio to dance to while I clean the house, and while I’m driving to and from different places. When I’m not listening to the radio, I love to challenge my husband and kids to a game on the Wii. My Wii is my outlet for me, as crazy as that may seem. Whenever I’m stressed out and can’t get to Forest Park, I play my Wii, and for some odd reason it relieves my stress. Professionally, I have to use technology because I have to network with clients and other business people. I use my computer and my cell phone for networking. I use the computer to advertise my product on the web. My cell phone is another important piece of technology because I take orders from my phone, and use an app called Instagram to advertise my product as well; I also found that a copy machine is my best friend because I make copies of all transactions, and I make copies of all business related emails for my record to ensure that I’m not making any mistakes when processing orders. My GPS used to be handy for me when I would make deliveries, but it started getting...
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