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the positives and negatives of boredom
Boredom makes people convulsively look for any occupation, so that they would not be idle. They are willing to do anything in order not to be on their own: to drink alcohol, to do a meaningless work, to gamble, to spend days and nights on the Internet. Boredom is a quite dangerous thing. It makes your life uninteresting in those moments when you’re not at the stage of frenzied motion. Boredom turns quietness into anguish and solitude into torture. Boredom is like a narcotic desire. When you have some occupation, you feel yourself perfectly fine and passionate about something , but once you are deprived of this occupation, you begin to experience withdrawal and a painful desire to puzzle yourselves with something. In this case , maybe work becomes one of the ways to escape from yourself. Boredom is nearly always essential to creativity. It isn’t true that creativity is mostly sparked by having a specific problem to be solved. It’s far more likely to arise because the person is bored with the way something has been done a thousand times before and wants to try something new. That’s why new movements in technology, the arts, and even public life usually start when there are still plenty of people polishing and refining the current approach. They don’t begin because what is being done now is totally played out; they begin because a few people decide that’s boring and start playing around with how to change it. Boredom stimulates the search for better ways to things like nothing else does.
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