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Project #1:
Technological Literacy Narrative

As we know and have read, technology is everywhere; it permeates our lives, even when we don’t want it to. Apparently, “what’s wrong with kids these days,” is that they are too connected. However, others point out that adults, too, are rather focused on their technological lives. But does this make us literate in technology? As an educator, I’ve seen students use certain programs and applications to supplement their projects, yet many do not know how to research beyond a simple Google search. Where does this leave us? Is too much technology too much of a good thing? Are we really using it to the best of our ability? Is it taking over our brainz?! This project is an attempt to investigate, through an examination of personal experience and by using The Shallows as a guide, your history with technology and the ways in which its use has affected your life.

For this project, you will be composing a personal technology literacy narrative. In this narrative, write a story, an autobiography, of your experiences with technology. Keep in mind that autobiographies are written in the first person, and they are filled with very specific stories that illustrate major points: the more stories, the better. Make sure that you not only tell a good story (or stories) about how technology has helped to shape you (positively as well as negatively), but one that makes a point, one from which we can learn something about you and your relationship with technology. It is in the explorations of the connections between technology and you that have shaped your technological literacy.

The Technical Stuff

Standard, 12pt. font (ie Times New Roman or Arial)
Typed, double spaced, w/one-inch margins and page numbers
First page information (your name, class number, my name, date) 5-6 FULL pages, or more if you wish

Shifts between paragraphs/topics should be natural
Stay true to your own voice – do not worry...
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