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Technology: The Double Edged Sword of Society
Our world is moving faster and faster, and at it feels as though time is speeding up in our day and age. With everything changing, as life continues to move forward, we can see that technological advancements are having vast effects on all areas of society. Technological advancements are changing society drastically with the inventions of more and more hi-tech equipment and tools. Because of this, effects of these technological advancements can be seen from every profession, to recreational activities, to forms of transportation, and so many more parts of our everyday life. More specifically, we can see that communication and how society operates and interacts is being largely affected by these changes. These advancements in technology possess not only positive, but negative effects on society, and impact how we communicate and operate with one another. Throughout the U.S., we can see that the advancement in technology has had drastic changes on today’s society, and how we communicate and operate in our daily lives because of the power of the internet, social networking and the creation of Smartphone’s.

Despite this being the youngest advancement, we can see that social networking has had major effects on the way our society communicates today. The simple fact that a person can just pull out their Smartphone, and begin accessing Facebook, a social networking phenomenon that allows people to share all sorts of information, such as pictures, videos, website links, and most notably wall posts, is making life incredibly quick and easy. No longer do people have to call one another to talk to them, but they can just message them on Facebook. Our society is moving further and further away from face to face talking, and it can even be argued to say phone calls are becoming a thing of the past. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is extremely debatable, but it seems to have many benefits in today’s world. Furthermore, the fact that life is becoming faster and faster paced exemplifies the benefits of social networking. Facebook is just one of the few large social media groups. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube are all examples that can be used to support the positives of social networking. These other various social networking sites allow people to communicate through videos, pictures and short little messages. In fact, social networking allows for everyone in the entire world to communicate with one another and share their ideas and talents with the world. An example of this can be seen if a man were serving in the army and was stationed out in Afghanistan or somewhere far away from the U.S., he could be able to communicate through any of these social networking sites at anytime. Something as simple as receiving a picture, video or a message can make all the difference in a family’s life. All of this is only possible because of the advancements we have made in technology. Social networking is a double-edged sword having positive and negative effects on society. In fact, people are becoming addicted to social networking, which in turn leads to less productive people among our society. Statistics show that twelve percent of social media users have to check their social networking site at least once every couple of hours (Dyer). Social networking is becoming habit forming and a constant worry of the everyday user. This shows that social networking, despite its many beneficial effects can negatively affect our society, how we operate and what matters to us. Social networking is a powerful tool in our society, allowing people from all around the world to communicate with one another, share all types of media and can even make changes on grand scale, such as in the middle east and the U.S., but it also has the potential to cause problems, such as being less productive and an overall decrease in the private life.

Now even though the Internet has been around for some...

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