Technology Changes Our Life

Topics: Global Positioning System, 21st century, United States Department of Defense Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Student Name: Muhammad Usman
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Overall Topic:

New Vocabulary:

Excavation = Digging in the ground/ Demolish.

Ethical = adj Morals/morally correct.

Shipwrecks = Sinking ship

Gestures = Hand movements

Postures = n Position in which you hold your body when s standing , sitting.

Household Chore =

Vacuuming = Space that is completely empty of all matter of gassess

We can’t deny the importance of science and technology as well in our life. In this article the technology is t he key factor. There are several kind of technology involve in it for instance the technology that are used behind the robots as well as the manufacturing process. GPS is (the global positioning satellite system) this system is usually used in the space technology to generate some information regarding to the space. This device or system is just like a navigation. This system provide information about the velocity and the time of the user anywhere in the world and in any weather condition. This system was developed in 1973 and operated and maintained by the US department of defence (DOD). This GPS consist of three parts, 1. Space technology 2 underwater Robot 3. Robot.. Space technology is used for obtain information regarding to the space. Second is Underwater Robot this technology is usually used for searching of shipwrecks, in the deep sea. Lastly, Robot is...
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