How Technology Changed Human Society

Topics: Twitter, Social network service, Facebook Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: May 30, 2012
ABSTRACT: TECHNOLOGY: how has technology changed human society? Technology has indeed changed human society over the past hundred years. One can now use technology to change the way we work and play, from having to use pen and paper to write to someone, we can now use email to do so. During our spare time, we can assess social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. Compared to having to write letters in the past, we can now do so using technology like the computer to send mail to overseas friends or relatives. Social media has transformed human society tremendously, in the process making our lives easier and more enriching. INTRODUCTION:

Hypothesis: “Social media has greatly changed human society” RESEARCH:
Source: Textbook “Mastering Media”
The founders of twitter soon learned that the site could be used for more than just fun communication between family and friends. When twitter first went in “2006, all three Twitter founders felt a small earthquake in San Francisco, California. They immediately tweeted about it and noticed that the other Twitter users where already doing the same thing. They checks several mainstream media outlets, but none has announced the quake yet. This made Twitter’s could be a tool to help break the news. Here some others ways that micro-blogging is used.

Business send twitter message to make crowds gather at last-minute events or sales. •ORGANIZING TOOL
In April 2009, citizens in the eastern European country of Moldova used Twitter to encourage more than 10, 000 young people to protest the country’s new communist leaders. •EMERGENCY TOOL
In February 2009, devastating bushfires swept through the Australian state of Victoria. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Russ used Twitter to let residents know where to seek emergency help and how to donate money and blood. •CELEBRITY MOUTHPIECE

Many celebrities love Twitter because they know that their “tweets” will keep...
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