Technical Terms (Most Important and Concerned)

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A copy of an original manuscript is called Apograph.
Organized body of public records or historical documents preserved in a repository. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
A phrase inserted in a book signifying that its copy right is reserved and its violation will be actionable and that the privilege of reproducing it in any form will not be granted without the consent of the owner of the copyright. ASSOCIATED BOOK

A book which is written about another book.
1.A person’s signature.
2.A manuscript in the author’s own hand writing.
The brief title of a book in which the wordings of the full title is abbreviated and which is usually printed on a separate leaf preceding the main title page. BEST SELLER
A current popular book in extensive demand and sold in large numbers. BIANNUAL
A publication issued twice a year.
Reverence and respect for books
Madness for books. (Excessive passion for collecting and owing books). BIBLIOMANIAC
One who suffering from bibliomania.
A lover of books particularly of their format and physical make up.

A book binder, one who works to bind the books.
Library is a place or building or store where collected books are arranged according to a systematic order. BIBLIOTHERAPY
Cure of diseases with the help of reading books.
Scarce books of which only a few copies are available any where. BOOK REVIEW
An evaluation of the contents, literary worth etc, especially a recently published book, published in a periodical or newspaper. BULLETIN
A regular publication of an organization, society etc with a brief statement of the latest news concerning the issuing organization. BOOK
The book is defined as a collection of sheet of papers written, printed or typed, string and bound to illustrate further the concept of book. It has many folded sheets of papers which continue writing. When the page number are 49 or more than 49 it will be named as book excluding the cover pages. When pages are less than 49it will be especially named as pamphlet (decided in General Conference of UNESCO 1964). A non periodical printed publication of at least 49 pages, exclusive of cover pages. UNESCO. Dr. P. N. Gour. BYNAME (NICK NAME)

A fanciful name in addition to or in place of proper name. e.g Hamidullah Jan is called Hameedi. CANCEL
The corrected replacement of a cancelled leaf or leaves of a book containing a textural error. BIBLIOGRAPHY
List of books and other reading material, which record the information, describe the information, disseminate the information and does not index the information, not being necessarily of one collection or library. BIENNIAL

A publication issued once in two years.
A serial publication issued once in two months.
A periodical which is published once in two weeks.
Publisher’s description and praise of a book usually printed on the front flap of a book jacket. BOOK
Book is an acronym of “Built in orderly organized knowledge”. “In education in Pakistan” written by Dr. R.A. Farooq. BOOK EXCHANGE
An arrangement whereby a library exchanges its duplicate or discarded material with other library. BOOK LABEL (BOOK PLATE)
A label pasted in a book to mark its ownership.
The heading at the beginning of the text, or of a chapter or section of a book, or of an article. CAPTION TITLE
The title printed at beginning of a chapter or section of a book or at the too of each page. CATCHWORD
A word given at the bottom of the page after the last line, such word being the first in the first line at the top of the following page. CHANGED TITLE
The current title of a book which had originally been published with a different title, e.g, Ceramic in Pakistan old Title pottery in Pakistan change Title....
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