teamwork versus individual work

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Teamwork versus individual work
Many small businesses focus on individualism, they stress on the role of each employee as an individual with his own strengths and talents. Individual here depends on himself to do tasks by himself only which cause many difficulties for the work environment. On other hand, Some businesses like sales, restaurants or cycling depend on a team work to achieve goals. Teamwork is a work that is made by large or small number of co-workers who supports each other to do the mission required from them. In restaurants ,for example, should have a number of team to do the food service of customers. Each member of the team do a job with accordance with his colleagues. Nowadays, many businesses depend on team work for the many advantages which it achieve for the corporations. So that, Teamwork is better than working individually because it maximizes cooperation among all employees who work harder to achieve the goals of their organization.
As a rule, Teamwork is always means development of the work place. Teamwork has become an important part of the present-day workplace. No longer are companies sticking to the old traditional individual strategy. Companies believe that their personnel can be do better in the work place if they work together as a team. Studies affirmed this opinion that having teamwork improves creativity, heightens problem solving and rises productivity. So that, teamwork Improvement of communication between members. It maximizes the role of cooperation and enhances Competitive and friendly work environment.
The nature of some jobs makes it hard for an individual person to complete his/her tasks effectively. For this reason, organizations make teams of employees with complementary skills who work with each other, sharing experiences and completing common tasks. Staff organize their efforts in a mutual supportive way, so the organization benefits from many ways, like increasing of performance in work production. The

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