Teamwork And Collaboration 1

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Patient Pages: 4 (670 words) Published: November 27, 2014
RNSG 1171
Professional Nursing Concepts 1

Concept Definition
The development of partnerships to achieve best possible outcomes that reflect the particular needs of the patient, family, or community, requiring an understanding of what others have to offer.

Patient Plan of Care
Group Work
Chain of Command

1. Explain the concept of Teamwork and Collaboration.
2. Analyze factors that affect Collaboration in health care. 3. Analyze the purpose and need for a chain of command within a healthcare team. 4. Discuss the purpose and function of an organizational chart. 5. Describe characteristics of effective group dynamics.

Concept Analysis Diagram
Note: Diagram is on separate page.
Explanation of Teamwork and Collaboration Diagram:
Teamwork and Collaboration is the development of partnerships to achieve the best possible outcomes that would reflect the particular needs of the patient, family or community. This concept requires an understanding of what others have to offer. The attributes which measure whether this concept exists at an optimum level are joint responsibility for the outcomes, shared decision-making, and unity of purpose. The antecedents or circumstances that must proceed Teamwork and Collaboration for it to exist are two or more healthcare professionals or nurse and patient, open communication and information sharing, common goals, and understanding the roles. Positive or negative outcomes result from the quality of Teamwork and Collaboration. Negative consequences which occur due to lack of Teamwork and Collaboration would include bullying, poor retention, nurses leaving the profession, negative effects on the quality of patient care, safety issues, and unresolved conflict. Positive consequences are events or outcomes that occur due to proper functioning of the concept include good retention, job satisfaction, and quality of patient care and safety. Interrelated concepts...
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