Team6 Leboncoin FinalReport Digital Marketing

Topics: Classified advertising, Customer relationship management, Customer Pages: 21 (6330 words) Published: April 14, 2015

Table of content

2.Homework chapters3
2.1.Business modal analysis: external and internal3
2.2.1.External analysis3
2.2.2.Internal analysis: business canvas model3
2.2.Market study and persona development5
2.2.1.Market Personas5
2.2.2.User personas6
2.3.Proposition of a new business model7
2.4.CRM strategy10
2.4.1.Create push notifications for the mobile application of leboncoin.fr10 2.4.2.Create an official Facebook page as well as a Twitter account10 2.5.E-mailing campaign12
2.5.1.Best practices to build e-mail campaigns12
2.5.2.One year schedule of e-mail strategy12
2.5.3.Creation of one e-mail12
2.6.Social media13
2.6.1.The use of social media for Leboncoin13
2.6.2.Social media recommendations13
3.Analysis of competition14
3.1 Competition in France14
3.2 Comparison of similar websites worldwide14
4.Privacy policy15
4.1.Leboncoin’s privacy policy15
4.2.New privacy policy15
5.SEO/A recommendations16
5.1Keywords analysis of leboncoin16
5.2Keywords based on persona16
5.3Recommendations for a SEO strategy16
6.Website homepage17
8.Attachment: Questionnaire on leboncoin users19

1. Introduction

Buy and sell, Leboncoin is a French free ads website born in 2006 and which is now in the top 3 of most visited websites in France with a progression of more than 20% in terms of visitors and pages viewed in 2012. This two figures rate had been the same for 12 months at that time and now the company gathers around 20 million people every month. Through this platform, every user whether he is a professional or not can search or create ads for any type of good. The difference with all the other similar websites is that is a platform that contains diverse categories of ads: cars, hobbies, employment, services, real estate and many others. Moreover, in order to get a more specific search the website allows you to narrow your research by selecting the exact region you are in or are willing to go to. One of the main asset of the company is that its platform is both simple to use, effective and most importantly free of use. In fact you only have to choose the region where you want to find an ad, enter the “title” of the good then select the price range or other specifications then click on “Search” and the research engine will do the rest for you. To talk about its effectiveness, is providing you hundreds of thousands ads every month and these are, of course, updated regularly. Another important point that we can highlight is the ability to contact directly the owner of the ad via the platform, so that you can basically buy or sell without having to pay any taxes or subscription fees. Illustration of the platform growth between 2009 and 2011 in terms of unique visitors per day.

Figure 1.platform growth between 2009 and 2011 in terms of unique visitors per day. We can see the rapid expansion of as an expression of French resourcefulness, this state of mind which encourages mutual assistance between people and pushes you find the better solution. This way, the company became the leader in the car and real estate markets because you interact directly with the private seller without any intermediaries. The outstanding growth of the platform which made it one of the most if not the most popular small ads website among French people is the reason why we chose this company to work on.

2. Homework chapters

2.1. Business modal analysis: external and internal
2.2.1. External analysis
Leboncoin is an online platform. It has an important function evaluation of market prices for many goods. It main competitor is the US online auction site eBay. Concerning French market, its most important competitors are or or The main value added of leboncoin is that for its creation, it got a very good brand...
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