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1. One feature of the team in this case is frequent turnover among team members. How might turnover among team members affect team performance? What approaches can team leaders to take to minimize potential negative impacts of turnover and gain advantages, if any? Employee/team member turnover may be mostly a negative issue, yet it can become positive if only controlled by the organization correctly and appropriately. Turnover is often utilized as an indicator of the organization performance and it can easily be observed negatively towards the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. Also, turnover is a natural outcome of an organization which is why it has to be kept to a minimum. In order to minimize the impact of turnover is to first address and understand the issue and cause of the turnover. The purpose of knowing is to raise alertness as to investigate for the “why”. Once the organization finds out the reasons and cause of turnover, there are variety of actions that the organizations and leadership can execute in order to prevent the effects and impacts of turnover. By ensuring that management learns the cause of turnover and act accordingly, turnover may be reduces or controlled. Lyman Coleman (1989) offers ideas on how to correct and prevent turnovers. His recommendation includes institution of exit interviews and other methods of finding reasons for people turnover. Also the following: * Get involved in finding our the cause of turnover

* Bring attention to bottom line figures and how turnover affects everyone * Have an open door policy style of managing to allow members to comment on what might be bothering them about their job and roles. * Realize there is more that one problem and pay attention to all. Stay alert * Execute periodic audits of job satisfaction

* Have strict hiring standards
* Develop and constant training strategies
* Conduct member meetings
One of the best recommendation is to have open door policy that will allows the team leaders/organization to hear of issues prior to escalating. Finding and learning about the member job satisfaction and exhaustion early can eliminate turnover. But on the other hand, turnover can be beneficial to the organization by learning which team member to elimination/terminating poor performances that affect the organizations performance, this allowing for internal promotion and hiring new team members with innovative ideas. New team members can often bring positive input into the organization that can help handle turnover (Cintron, p4) In class lectures, team characteristics are discuss which are the following: * Team size, composition, and diversity:

* Too few or too many members may reduce performance
* Diversity affects way individuals perceive each other and how well they work together * Status differences:
* May motivate others or act as source of conflict and tension * Psychological safety
* Perceptions about consequences of interpersonal risks in work environment * Team norms
* Standard shared by team members regulating member behavior * Team cohesiveness
* Extent members are committed to group task
As a result it will follow into the model of team effectiveness. (HCA 6225, CH5) 2. Consumers or patients are sometimes involved in quality improvement teams, but in this role, they may feel that their voices are unimportant or that participation is symbolic rather than substantive. Do you think that consumers should be involved in the improvement teams in this case? Why or why not? If consumer involved, how can team leaders and members most effectively utilize their knowledge and insights? Consumers or patients can play an important role in shaping managed care by expressing their voice on issues; by...
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