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Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Climate change Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Social & Economic Consequences of global warming
Emilio Teran,……..

1. History of global warming (Emilio Teran)
(a) Current issues of global warming.
(i) There are numerous global warming issues today. Most people are ignoring them living their lives as if nothing is occurring. Our continued abuse of carbon dioxide has had an effect on our planet and way of life. (ii) “Global emissions of carbon dioxide were at a record high in 2011 and were likely to take a similar jump in 2012, scientists reported in early December 2012 — the latest indication that efforts to limit such emissions are failing (New York Times, 2013)”. (b) Warning signs of continued rapid growth of global warming (iii) Warmer summers and colder wetter winters have been occurring more often. The warming of our client has changed weather around the world to include enormous hurricanes and droughts. (iv) “In addition, a report released by the I.P.C.C. in November 2011 predicted that global warming will cause more dangerous and “unprecedented extreme weather” in the future (New York Times, 2013)”. (c) Why global warming is occurring.

(v) The world continued abuse of combustible engines which expend carbon dioxide has changed our climate. Continuing to expend carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will have a dangerous effect on our future and the way we live. (vi) “Scientists consider the rapid warming of the region to be a consequence of the human release of greenhouse gases, and they see the melting as an early warning of big changes to come in the rest of the world (New York Times, 2013)”. 2. Todays economy

(d) Effects of global warming and the world economy (e) Possible consequences if global warming is ignored 3. What are we doing about global warming...

References: (2013, January 8). Global Warming & Climate Change . New York Times. Retrieved from
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